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About Me and My Practice

Hjertehagen (pronounced Hyer' tah hah gen) means "garden of the heart" in Norwegian. Though I am not Norwegian, unless you count that I was born in Norway, ME, USA, I have been learning and practicing the language (Jeg snakker Norsk!) for several years. As a shamanic practitioner, I spend much time in nature, and consider shamanic healing truly work with the garden of the heart.

I have walked the shamanic path for many years, journeyed in vision quest under the guidance of a Shuar shaman, immersed in dreamwork with a shamanic practitioner in the PacNW, and completed the  Advanced Shamanic Healing Training Program with

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the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Training Programme "Change and Transformation" with the FSS-Europe. I am an active member of the FSS Circle and FSS-E Peace Laboratory initiative and have been accepted to the 3-Year Programme beginning in May, 2024.

A long-time professional educator, coach and mentor, I am also an Ordained Minister and Death Doula. I am pleased to offer along with shamanic healing, including extraction, soul retrieval and dream work, life transition services including marriage and home blessings, end-of-life planning, spiritual and practical and bereavement support. The final transition from this Earth, in these days is a great challenge for many. A member of NEDA and INELDA , I participate in regular meetings and am committed to always building my knowledge, skills and networks to better serve you. 


It is my path to be of service. How can I help?

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