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About Me and My Practice

Hjertehagen means "garden of the heart" in Norwegian. Though I am not Norwegian, unless you count that I was born in Norway, ME, USA, I have been learning and practicing the language (Jeg snakker Norsk!) for several years. As a shamanic practitioner, I spend much time in nature, and consider shamanic healing truly work with the garden of the heart.

I have walked the shamanic path for many years, journeyed in vision quest under the guidance of a Shuar shaman, immersed in dreamwork with a shaman in the PacNW, and completed the  Shamanic Healing Training Course with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Training Programme "Change and Transformation" with the FSS-Europe. I am an active member of the FSS Circle and FSS-E Peace Laboratory initiative. A long-time professional educator, coach and mentor, I am also an Ordained Minister and certified Death Doula. It is my path to be of service. 

Effective April 2023, am pleased to have added to life transition services including marriage and home blessings, end-of-life planning and practical and bereavement support to the Hjertehagen list of services. The final transition from this Earth, in these days is a great challenge for many. As a member of INELDA and NEDA, I participate in regular meetings and am committed to always building my knowledge, skills and networks to better serve you. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor (MD), and shamanic healing is not a replacement for medical treatment.


How can I help you? -- Leeschwa, Lisa Cox, MEd, MS, OM

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