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About Me and My Practice

I have walked the shamanic path for many years, journeyed in vision quest under the guidance of a Shuar shaman, immersed in dreamwork with a shamanic practitioner in the PacNW, and completed the  Advanced Shamanic Healing Training Program with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Training Programme "Change and Transformation" with the FSS-Europe, learning from several excellent teachers. I am an active member of the FSS Circle and FSS-E Peace Laboratory initiative and began the 3-Year Programme in May 2024. I am also a Silver Member of Society for Shamanic Practice. 

A long-time professional teacher, coach, mentor, and program director, I am also an Ordained Minister and Death Doula. I am pleased to offer along with shamanic healing, including extraction, soul retrieval and dream

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​work, life transition services including marriage and home and office clearings and blessings, and end-of-life planning, spiritual and practical and bereavement support, including for pets. The final transition from this Earth, in these days is a great challenge for many. A member of the Board of National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and a member of International End-of-Life Doula Association (INELDA), I participate in regular meetings and am committed to always building my knowledge, skills and networks to better serve you. 

Mission: Hjertehagen Healing Passages exists to provide intentional and compassionate life and death transition healing and support through complementary nonmedical means for anyone as requested, regardless of cultural, educational or socio-economic background, with the understanding that We Are One yet are each unique, with two things in common: We are born, and we die.

Vision: The Hjertehagen vision is quite literally that of a garden of the heart, a place where life and death transitions can grow, flower and bear fruit

    - Through individualized and small group safe spaces and practices to learn, plan and heal;

    - With exceptional compassionate nonmedical care for all who seek healing and support during transitional periods by care givers who are paid competitive wages they deserve for the profound service they provide, and for those who choose to volunteer, with benefits that care for them in return;

    - Beside and complementary to, modern medical modalities as chosen by those seeking healing and support; 

    - Considering the whole person physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, honoring each person as a unique individual as well as part of a family or community, while respecting and appreciating diversity, including cultural, racial, religious, educational and socio-economic.

Values: Permission, Intention, and Compassion are fundamentals of shamanic practice, and of doula work. Hjertehagen services are built on these fundamentals, along with Honesty and Integrity. All services are implemented with honest and compassionate conversation and action to provide intentional and personalized healing and support. 

Services: Recognizing the importance of life transitions, including end-of-life and beyond, Hjertehagen offers shamanic healing sessions including extraction healing, power animal or soul retrieval, dream work, or psychopomp work.

Life transition services include marriage, house clearing and blessing, and death doula model-specific end-of-life planning, practical and bereavement support. Hjertehagen Healing Passages also offers special events including monthly online drum circle and both online and in-person workshops, classes and events. 

Reminder: Hjertehagen Healing Passages services are not a replacement for medical treatment.

Shamanic healing works with non-ordinary realms as well as ordinary reality and can take some time.

Death doulas provide services that complement, but remain outside of, medical provision. 

If you are in a medical or welfare EMERGENCY, please call 911 or your nearest crisis hotline. 

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