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Well, here we go. I had found this wonderful quote regarding GRACE on a Facebook post some time ago, and I know I downloaded it... somewhere. I can't find it. But I promised a visitor to my table at Souls of Spirit Expo on Saturday that I would be posting on GRACE this week. So here goes, without that beautiful quote.

Easter weekend is upon us, speaking of grace. The woman I spoke with on Saturday was excited to tell me about her newfound relationship with Jesus Christ- as a result of his grace- his mercy, his pardon of her sins. We could go into a whole 'nother discussion of sin, but let's stick with grace here. Our conversation revolved around the universal tenets of the spiritual sphere of our lives, the spiritual teachers we may meet, and how they may have different names, but are essentially teaching the same tenets, such as compassion, love and grace.

The heart of the quote I had wished to share here was that we know grace when we are able to extend mercy to those with whom we are at odds. In essence, this is the thrust of forgiveness.

Whether you celebrate Christian Easter (or another name) and the miracle of Jesus risen, or the pagan Ostara (or another name) and the advent of the season of spring and new beginnings, we cannot ignore that the sentiment is essentially the same: rebirth. With grace, with forgiveness, we can experience a personal rebirth. We can let go of past resentment and move forward with a fresh new perspective. This can be life altering- in the best possible way. We can feel like the woman I spoke with on Saturday who shared the sheer joy of knowing grace.

What a nice way to enter the Spring season- fresh and new with room to grow.

Have a beautiful holiday weekend.


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