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It's About Time (Pt. 2)

March has been a month of time considerations. The month brought the return of Daylight Savings Time, an event that throws many of us for a loop, causing people to lose an hour, so to speak.

On the following Monday, our small Sunrise Circle group journeyed on time. I found myself roaming first the Earth, from night to day and back again, time speeding up and whirling me into the Solar System, where I meandered among all the planets and their satellites, observing them as separate cogs in one big wheel of Time around the Sun, and finally a solar breeze blew me into the Universe, where my trusted and much-missed 4-legged companion Finnin and I glided among the stars, as we have done the Past... another Time... and undoubtedly will again in the Future, another Time.

One of the longest months of the year, March was split in the middle by Spring Break. Country Doctor Rounds increased as people left town and left their pets behind, including a week and a half at a house not my own, and the month passed rapidly. Now, at the end, I find myself sitting in my office with time to write.

In fact, I made a promise to myself this month, to take the next several Fridays "off" to dedicate to writing and my practice- although Easter Weekend is now here and I will be on those Country Doctor Rounds full force again and staying again away from my own house.

"Time is a construct." "Time is relative." Time passes swiftly when we are too busy, and slowly when we have nothing to do of purpose. Time puts us in our place, reminding us when we observe, that we are also just another cog in a giant wheel. We live, we die. And things happen in between.

Eleven months ago I wrote It's About Time for this blog. I did not know then that I'd be writing about time again nearly a year later, and from a whole different perspective. So much has changed. "Time marches on," as the adage goes. And now we march out of March and into April.

Happy Spring! May your season be filled with sweet warm blessings.

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