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That Beautiful Moment When Night Meets Day

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

When I was in Dominica, almost 20 years ago, every morning my 'alarm clock' blared at that moment when dawn greets the fading night and the night sounds blended with those of the coming day- birds, insects, animals hiding in the rain forest- a cacophony of nature. Some days stand out more than others before and since, for that magical quality of the moment when dark meets light, dreams fade to reality, and particularly in times when I am sleeping outside or near an open window and not only hear the growing sound, but feel the tug of the breeze as night gives way to dawn, as though pulling the blanket off and rousing the day.

This morning was one of those, and I wanted to lie in bed as long as possible just soaking up the feeling of nature at my side. I had woken a little after 4 to the dogs wanting to go outside, just as my own doggy Finnin jumped up from where he lay at my feet in a dream, excited to see the water turn blue and the tiny colored fish in the bowl I was filling sparkle to life.

What are you telling me? I asked him as I stumbled back to bed, eager to return to that scene for just another hour.

An hour I got, but a different dream, and then the slow awakening to the sound of birds waking up for breakfast, traffic beginning to move to work, and the dogs standing at the bedside, waiting impatiently for me to get up and feed them.

Sometimes it's easy to want to stay in a dream, on a journey, in a place that feels safe, timeless and filled with beauty and goodwill, especially when waking brings us to the stress of a job we don't particularly care for, or the need to seek a way to pay the bills, or another news report about a senseless mass shooting or political hijinks.

But awake we must. I took the time to give thanks and breathe in the breeze before rising, and greeted the dogs with a laugh.

We can all bring light and love into the world, even when it feels darkest. Remembering the night has something to offer can help. The creatures may be different, but when we all make up our minds to recognize and appreciate difference, rather than vilify, the days will become brighter, and the song louder, and the world even more beautiful.

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