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Energy and Power

Today I had the pleasure and blessing of being in a small group drum circle in which we journeyed on "empowering," "energy upgrading" and "energy uploading." The messages for us all were quite clearly similar, and the differences among the terms were equally clear.

If we listened in Physics class, we know that energy and power are not interchangeable. Energy is the capacity for doing work, and power is the doing of that work, or the delivering of energy in a situation. It's really simple! But we often confuse the two. And this came to mind immediately today as we prepared for our micro journeys. I revisited a universal principle.

In shamanic work, with permission and intent, we can call on our compassionate helpers and send power to, or empower others in the form of healing, insight or similar help. In other words, work will be done. In the meantime, energy is a more personalized phenomenon.

Today I revisited another universal principle: That you must gather your own energy and empower yourself before you can help or empower others. In shamanic work we do this through regular practice, connecting with and building relationship with our compassionate helpers, Transcendant Compassionate Spirits, teachers, Power Animals. And with our own Souls.

Energy upgrading and uploading involve our own personalized means of expanding ourselves to have greater capacity for our work, and for bringing the energy into that space so that we can use it for our work. If you are feeling like you need an energy upload, here is a simple practice you can use:

Sit on a comfortable chair but one that allows you to sit up straight. Place both feet firmly on the floor. Now, allow a taproot to grow out of your tailbone down into and through the floor and deep into the earth while also allowing roots to protrude from your feet down through the floor and into the earth at the same time. Once those roots are established, raise your arms out to the side and lift them in a small arc so your hands are above your shoulders, palms facing forward; allow your fingers to take root in the air and expand with it. Now breathe deeply for as long as you need until you feel the energy inside you.

That's it! Simple! You're uploaded and ready to go!

Peace and blessings.

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