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It's Elemental, Part 2: The Transformative Power of Air

A month in Maine- rather, a January in Maine- will prove the value of Fire, specifically in the form of our Sun. Recollections of the persistent grey during winter were not necessary, as I experienced that grey day after day after day last month, along with snow, sleet, freezing rain, and cold mist. Although beautiful, the grey does become depressing in the depths of the darkest time of year.

So, on the second day of Medicine Walks to attend to the Elements, as a wan sun crept up from the horizon, I prepared to honor Fire. But when I walked out the door, I was greeted by Air.

If you live where there are Seasons, you no doubt can relate to the times when you walk out the door in Autumn to a chill that is vaguely familiar, and again in Spring to a chill of the same temperature- but it feels warm! Humidity and a breeze help this sensation when the temperature makes that subtle but notable change. And here is one example of the transformative power of Air.

In the Fall, when that breeze arrives, it brings a scent of senescence and endings, fading light and the portent of a colder time and time spent inside - or bundled up outside. In Spring, this same breeze brings a scent of unfurling and beginnings, growing light and the portent of a warmer time spent outside- preferably while scantily clad so more of the body can feel the warm touch of the Sun and the Air dancing.

The power of Air lies in its movement (just look up at the clouds!), in its ability to take on moisture and hold or drop it, to bring a breeze or a strong wind, in its ability to carry seeds, scents, even ourselves. The power of Air is a power to carry us through seasons and to allow us to smell, hear, see and taste all the subtleties and sometimes the suddenness of change.

When you feel that first Spring breeze that is reminiscent of the breeze you felt half a year ago bringing the first hint of Winter, but this time bringing the first hint of Summer, consider jotting that date and a note. Then, when you feel the breeze return in Fall, do the same. Add some words that will remind you of how that breeze feels, smells, sounds, tastes. Tuck the note inside your journal so you can read and relish in the future, the transformative power of Air.

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