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Peace Project Site 1: Healing on Conflict Sites in the Settling of the American West

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

On Monday morning I headed east to Fort Laramie and then on to the Grattan Massacre Marker in SE Wyoming. The Grattan Affair/ Massacre took place in 1854, a prelude to three decades of conflict in the settling of the American West.

When I first moved to Laramie 20 years ago this coming January, the whole thing snowballed. I thought of moving, and then it happened- quickly for such a distance and life change. At the time, I was uncertain what was "really" behind the trajectory. Now I know.

This visit was one of several I've already made and will continue to make, for healing on the land in spaces of conflict. Stay tuned. Peace. We are one. Here is a link to the first video, on YouTube:

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